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New morning routine

I love a good morning routine, but I am not very good at implementing them.  Reading Twyla Tharp’s “The Creative Habit” has gotten me motivated again to fight against my slowly later and later morning wake-up routine.

I am going to begin waking up an hour earlier than I otherwise need to, and in that time I’m going to cook breakfast, and attempt at writing 750 words (ala the Artist’s Way’s Morning Pages).  I used to do that and it was great… but then I slowly got caught up in the rest of the day and it slipped away.


Rationale on routine

Part of the reason that I’m so attracted to a morning routine is that I am totally not a morning person.  I am hardly ever tired at night, and my sleepiest hour is 8-9am.  I just do not want to do anything, and can see no reason to fight that.

At the same time, Twyla Tharp has a point.  A routine is a simple trick that allows you to set in stone a mindset or idea without having to justify it to yourself every day.  Her morning routine is to wake up, put on some sweats, and hop in a cab to the gym.  She does the exact same thing every day, using the same words to the cabbie, etc.  This is mostly a game, and the game ends when she’s in the cab.  What she does at the gym is not part of the routine, and that can change from day to day, year to year.  But getting in the cab and directing it is what provides meaning to her routine.  She doesn’t have to step through the whole “do I feel good enough to go to the gym?”, “is the day too busy?” and other excuses because all she really has to do is get into the cab.

It’s a mild form of self-brain-washing.  Routines, for some reason, have strong hooks into our behavior, and if used correctly, you can determine rationale for doing something once, and then hook that rationale into a routine that then continues independently.

I like that.  And I like this book.

I’ll see this next week if this translates into an actual new routine or not.  A little experiment to coincide with the launch of this new blogging space for myself.

2 Responses to “New morning routine”

  1. I love that book (“The Creative Habit”) it’s been to long since I read it. Time for a crash course.

  2. I can give you my copy in a bit if you don’t have a copy anymore.