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First day after launch

I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to statistics, and monitoring progress, so I think I’ll mention every once in a while (for better or for worse) what’s going on in the land of trying to make Locavore successful.

The first reviews

The first review award goes to Cook Local. She also got the first review in the iTunes Store. If any of you have an extra minute to review this in the iTunes store, it could potentially get me a little extra traction there. Missy from Groovy Vegetarian also wrote up a few nice words yesterday. I’m a horrible self-promoter, so I appreciate anything anyone writes about this, good, neutral, or critical.

For bug reports, ideas, and other feedback, I’m also going to be looming like a hawk over at my Locavore Get Satisfaction page. If you have the app, you’ll notice that on the About tab, there’s a link directly to Get Satisfaction from within the app as well, so you can submit feedback, ideas, and bugs from there while you’re thinking of them. I think I’m the first app to be using this integrated feedback component, so I hope people find it useful.

How many people bought the app?

Based on my very limited knowledge (since Apple only gives you weekly reports), I think somewhere around 40-50 people downloaded the app. I gave out around 30 promo codes as well, so don’t know what percentage of those were used. I’m hoping that those 40-50 people like the app, and that word of mouth sort of helps it grow. So, room to grow!

How can you help?

I’m glad you asked. A lot of ways! I want ideas for how to make this app more useful and interesting. I want tips on sources of data for fruit and vegetable availability in other countries. I want to find out planting schedules, by state and time of year, so that we can show not only what is available but what should be planted when. I want information on availability information on poultry and fish. I would love to team up with the awesome Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch to make information about sustainable fishing more available.

Think big. Think about ways to create a collaborative community of people who update and maintain information on availability around the world, changing with the seasons and the years.

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  1. Congratulations on you launch. We’ll be in touch.