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Response to: Bootstrapping and the infinite runway, Hillel Cooperman

Hillel speaks words that pretty much mirror my thoughts exactly in this guest post about bootstrapping, and finding a way to maintain freedom for as long as possible.

Much like humans will always prioritize breathing over every other requirement in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the bootstrapped business will always prioritize enough revenue to continue operating over everything else.

via Guest post: Bootstrapping and the infinite runway – TechFlash: Seattle’s Technology News Source.

For me, there’s a simple lightbulb moment that flipped this for me several years ago.  Know what success means to you.  Then, go as quickly and quietly to that vision of success as possible, while avoiding the heavy-gravitational-pull of what you think is “normal” or “tried and true”.

The definition of success for me is having the freedom to create what I believe to have the most value.  Monetary success is only an enabler to that truer form of self-expressive success, and it actually takes very little money (in my case) to be free.

In other words, why sell the reward that you already have in order to gamble on getting a much more difficult reward that might enable you to buy back what you sold earlier?

One Response to “Response to: Bootstrapping and the infinite runway, Hillel Cooperman”

  1. Hey there! Allen Murray clued me into your blog after I just decided to bail on my ‘day job’ at Bungie, and try to ply my wares in the world of the one man shops.

    Great stuff here, thanks for taking time to write about your experiences.

    There’s an old story about a mexican fisherman that really says it all about redefining success. Here’s a youtube’d expanded version that just nails it for me, hope you enjoy it too: