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5 atomic units of life

5 atomic units of life, originally uploaded by Buster Benson.

Sometimes I wonder if these are the only 5 verbs we really need when it comes to our sense of selves. We do things, that lead to feeling a certain way; we learn things that change who we are; we get things that help us do things so that we can have more things; we feel things that make us do things that teach us something about ourselves.

What changes is the objects of these verbs, and the order that the pinball bounces between them, sometimes hitting them all, sometimes bouncing from do to feel back to do back to feel over and over again, sometimes one atomic unit grows to engulf the others so that everything eventually relates back to how we feel, or what we have, or who we are.

One Response to “5 atomic units of life”

  1. You are my favorite philosopher.