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How much information can you get from text?

This is really only a question because I’m a self-tracker by nature and I’m fascinated with the idea learning about yourself through all the “accidental metadata” that you leave around.  It’s also why I love the 8:36pm project.  A simple picture has in it an action, people, a location (because the phone geotags), a time and date.  It’s anchored in reality and carries much of that information with it wherever it goes.

And now recently I’ve been obsessed with the idea of private journaling.  Mostly because I think the habit of writing privately is something that the world of social networking addicts is sorely missing.  Our brains need time alone to spin and process and create meaning in our lives, unattached from the pressures of the world.  The content of a private journal… personal thoughts, the makings of true introspection, unfiltered fears, desires, subconscious bubblings-up… are perhaps the richest soil of our selves outside our neurons themselves.

Because of the magic of technology, we can in many ways strain information out of the unfiltered words of our stream-of-conscious thoughts.

I’m beginning to explore all of the ins and outs of this data on this new Explore page.  But I’m trying to think of more… if anyone can think of other ways to harvest information out of text, I would love to hear about it.

One Response to “How much information can you get from text?”

  1. I love data like this, it’s always so interesting (even if it’s not the most accurate).

    The correlation between different emotions and relationships is very interesting; specifically how people who are married or single tend to have evenly expressed feelings, as compared to people in relationships who’s feelings are all over the board.