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Slides from my talk: The Game Always Wins

My slides from the talk I gave at Web 2.0 Expo last week are posted!

The Game Always Wins

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The main points of the talk were:

  1. Gamification is a Trojan Horse. It’s a new technology that changes the relationship between people like us, and businesses that want us as players. The real question is, what’s the catch? Who’s inside? Who gains and (the big question) who loses?
  2. I describe 3 “levels” of gamification from the Player perspective. Ways to know if you’re playing gamification to your best advantage. The levels are zombie, pirate, and ninja.
  3. I also describe 3 “levels” of gamification from the Business’s perspective. Determined by which of the 3 player-types you optimize for. The levels are shark, squid, and dolphin.
  4. I tie these thoughts together with an attempt at making a case for 16 ways to win (beyond the simplistic “competitive” win which we think of when we talk about winning). The 16 ways to win are described by Steven Reiss in his book “Who Am I” but I also tie in thoughts from Daniel Pink, Dan Gilbert, Jane McGonigal, Raph Koster, and Charlie Sheen. My theory is that through these 16 victories we can map elements of motivation, happiness, fun, and gamification.
  5. I show examples from Coke, Carl’s Jr, Zynga, Foursquare, Mindsnacks, Khan Academy, and Groupon.
  6. Gamification is a convivial technology (a phrase coined from Kevin Kelly which I love).

I’d love to hear any feedback that anyone has about the general thoughts. It was a fun talk to give.

12 Responses to “Slides from my talk: The Game Always Wins”

  1. This is fantastic. Wish I could have been there to hear the talk in person.

  2. Great deck, Buster – would love to catch up!

  3. I just dropped by to tell you I actually started using your site today- 750 words- I’m planning on doing a whole blog post about it next week. I am really impressed with it- I love the simplicity it has and the simple rewards. I’m hoping to complete Junes Challenge as this may I’m doing the “A story A day” challenge. This little place is a jewel.

  4. best presentation on gamification I’ve seen. May all of your health month and 750 words fans become game ninjas out in the world spreading your message of empowerment and collaboration. whee!

  5. I am really impressed with it- I love the simplicity it has and the simple rewards. I’m hoping to complete Junes Challenge as this may I’m doing the “A story A day” challenge. This little place is a jewel.

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    [...]Enjoymentland » Slides from my talk: The Game Always Wins[...]…

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    Enjoymentland » Slides from my talk: The Game Always Wins…

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